Quality and Enviromental Policy

Quality and Enviromental Policy

In Marlin Blue Recoveries we express our commitment to improving quality and environmental performance through this Integrated Management Policy and we undertake to communicate it to all company levels and third parties, moreover we are committed to provide the necessary resources to comply with this policy. Basic principles of Marlin Blue Recoveries Integrated Management Policy are as follow:

We mitigate customers cargo losses.

We facilitate work of our clients, improving efficiency of insurers.

We improve efficiency of international transport, reducing carriers impunity.

We continuously study and apply changing and innovative technologies in the sector in order to offer the most innovative and reliable services in the market at all times.


The Management constantly ensures that necessary resources are available for perfect fulfilling of services, which guarantees compliance with requirements agreed with customers, as well as those of interested parties and applicable legal ones, such as those the organization subscribes voluntarily.

Commitment to continuous improvement of quality and environmental management system, as well as the communication and understanding of it and its review for its continuous adaptation.

In Marlin Blue Recoveries we are committed to the protection of the environment, the responsible use of resources and the prevention of pollution.